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Finding A Professional Carpet Retailer

At Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, our Glendale, AZ showroom experts take great pride in their professions as savvy, knowledgeable, reputable carpet dealers in Phoenix. We believe in offering top-quality products great prices, which start as low as $1 .99/sq. ft. including 8 lb premium padding. However, although we do have some incredible soft surfacing options at surprisingly affordable rates, we also guarantee transparency with our clients. As such, there’s nothing quite as infuriating as hearing how some customers get bamboozled by low-grade material wheelers out there. As people in search of renovation materials for your upcoming redesign, it’ll no doubt leave wondering who to trust.

Don’t worry! We’ve come up with these 3 scam scenarios to help you steer clear of trouble:

Scam #1: Over-Measuring
Although you may not think it’s possible for scam teams to over-measure your living room without you noticing, it’s entirely possible. With an extra amount on this side, and an extra amount on that side, you’ll seen be invoiced 20% more surfacing than you need. That can equal upwards of $1000, and that’s no small change!

Skip the scam: Avoid this scenario altogether by choosing well-known carpet dealers in Phoenix, reputable stores that have a long list of positive reviews and happy customers.

Scam #2: Not Getting What You Paid For
In some instances, fake wheelers promise the world, but end up selling you something that’s totally sub-par. Although it may have looked perfect in the showroom (or from the back of a truck!) you’ll most likely not get anything close to what you paid for. Whether they installed different fibers than what you wanted, or just made false claims about the material,

Skip the scam: Don’t fall prey to this situation by asking to hold onto a sample of the surfacing you purchased. That way you have proof of your choice.

Scam #3: Bait-and-Switch
Typically, the bait-and-switch scheme involves enticing customers with a rock-bottom deal, one that’s simply impossible to refuse, only to switch the surfacing out for an inferior grade version at the time of installation.

Skip the scam: It’s essential to question any price that’s too good to be true. Avoid falling into this trap by educating yourself on pricing; what’s normal, what’s not. And of course, it’s best to stick with carpet dealers in Phoenix who have a great reputation.