While a great many places may claim to be professional carpet dealers in Phoenix, you might be shocked to know that there are plenty of low-grade, fly-by-night warehouses in the region. Make sure you're not stuck with inferior quality craftsmanship! At Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, our Glendale, AZ showroom experts answer a lot of questions about surfacing, including how to spot the best type of materials for renovations. As such, we've come up with this helpful guide that will steer you clear of poor merchandise.

Prices Include Free Estimates

No doubt, if you're dealing with professional carpet dealers in Phoenix, their pricing will always include a free estimate. Should you walk into a store that insists on charging you for coming to your house and assessing how much surfacing you'll need, do yourself a favor and walk away immediately. There's absolutely no reason to dish out extra money for an evaluation, when you've yet to buy your surfacing.

Expert Installation

Don't you think it's a little bit odd that some warehouses sell carpeting, but don't offer installation services, or know which company to refer you to that could provide you with such a service? In essence, it makes you wonder if they're hiding something about their product, possibly the fact that it's low-quality and difficult to install?

Basic Furniture Moving

Basic furniture moving is a must-have option when selecting new surfacing for your home. Whether or not you need it is one thing, but the service should always be available to the public in the event that they require it. If it's not offered, then you're stuck trying to find movers for your renovation, or simply have to move everything yourself. So, when looking for professional carpet dealers in Phoenix, always ask if they provide basic furniture moving assistance. That way, you're not caught without helpers at the very last minute.

Standard Carpet Take-Up and Haul-Away

Lastly, you can always tell the difference between an expert showroom and fly-by-night stints, when it comes to removal of surfacing. Basically, professionals will always offer to take-up and haul-away any type of carpeting. When you opt for the experts, you're always in better hands.