At Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, we see a great many families redoing their children's room or installing a nursery. Each and every time, parents ask us for advice about which kind of flooring is best for such a space. In truth, there are many materials that would work perfectly fine in a child's room. Yet, there is one that clearly stands out from the rest, a surfacing that's soft, inviting, and safe. If you guessed carpeting from our description, you're correct! At our Glendale, AZ showroom, our on-site pros believe the following features may make carpets the ideal choice for families:

Excellent Cushion
When you shop for soft surfacing at carpet dealers in Phoenix, they'll no doubt tell you about the importance of padding for added cushioning in a baby's room. For instance, at our Glendale, AZ showroom, we have high-quality fibers starting at $1.99/sq. ft. which includes an 8 lb cushion. That padding is what keeps the surfacing underfoot very soft and comfortable; ideal for crawling babies and kids that like to play on the floor. Also, it never hurts to have some padding that absorbs falls when children take a tumble.

If you're looking for a surfacing that's easier for toddlers to learn how to walk, then carpeting is most suitable. In many nursing residences, the floors have carpeting because it minimizes slips and trips, something you need to keep in mind when you have a child. Our carpet dealers in Phoenix can help you choose which type of carpet pile would be fitting in such instances.

Inviting Ambiance
When it comes down to it, is there a surfacing that's cozier or more inviting than carpet? Well, while some people believe certain kinds of hard planks can create an equally pleasant ambiance, a great many other homeowners would say otherwise. In the end, it's all about preference, truthfully. And yet, if you're hunting for flooring that transforms an ordinary room into a soothing sanctuary for your newborn, then perhaps you should consider carpeting. Soft fibers, plush pile, and perpetual warmth underfoot, really, what's there not to love!