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Three Reasons to consider Carpet Tiles for Your Next Flooring Project

Carpet is awesome! It imbues your living spaces with undeniable warmth, adds tone and texture to your environment, and feels soft and comfortable while doing it. Most of us are familiar with these benefits because of our exposure to broadloom, A.K.A. wall-to-wall carpeting, but few of us realize that carpet takes other forms with other benefits associated with it.
We're talking about carpet tile, and if you aren't familiar with it, you will definitely want to check out these three additional advantages you get with carpet tiles when compared to broadloom:
Convenience Across the Board
One of the major benefits of tiles compared to broadloom, is the all-around convenience it offers. First off, they're much easier to fit, so you won't have to worry about installation imperfections nearly as much as you would with broadloom. Second, they are extremely easy to transport and store. These attributes added together equal a flooring material that can often be installed in a home quickly and, more importantly, with a minimum level of disruption to your daily life.
When something goes bad with a wall-to-wall carpet, you are pretty limited in what you can do to fix the problem. Since carpet tiles are modular, and single tiles can be easily removed or installed, a problem such as a burn hole in the carpeting can be fixed without replacing the whole floor. This versatility could save you the cost of buying and installing new floors in the event of an un-cleanable mishap with your carpet.
They're Reusable
Most of us replace our carpets while they still have some usable life left in them. Though they may no longer meet our standards, there are situations where the standards are different, and they can still be used. Many refurbished carpet tiles end up being used in public or low-cost housing projects, where money is more of a factor than aesthetics or longevity.
Do We Have Your Interest?
If you are thinking about carpet for your next remodeling project, and would like to learn more about carpet tiles as an alternative to broadloom, we'd love to help! Simply call, email, or stop by our Glendale showroom to take advantage of your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. Our reputation for quick, clean, and above all, quality work, has made Arrowhead Carpet & Tile the Phoenix/Glendale area's leading name in flooring. Don't wait! Your new floors are just an email away!