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Five Ways to Shop for Carpet

Carpet shopping isn’t something people do often, so it’s pretty easy to make mistakes, all of which are easily avoidable.

Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, one of the biggest carpet dealers in the Phoenix area, gives you some tips to make your shopping experience easier:

1. Be clear on your lifestyle and priorities. You need to tell carpet dealers, whether in Phoenix or elsewhere, if you have kids, pets, heavy foot traffic or any other special need, such as noise reduction.

All carpet is a noise insulator but some types are better than others, which brings us to the next important question: In what room do you plan to install it? Say, for example, you’re planning to install it in a home office. Is noise reduction or easy motility a priority? Some types, like cut loops or frieze, are the best for noise reduction, but they’re also pretty difficult to wheel around on those office chairs.

2. Are you buying from a company that’s all-inclusive? Carpet dealers should offer free estimates, and have services such as expert installation, normal furniture moving, and standard carpet, take up and haul away, all offered by Arrowhead Carpet & Tile.

3. Don’t skimp on padding. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean carpet padding doesn’t have an important role. Padding is the foundation, and it will affect how your carpet lies and performs. It comes in different densities, textures and durability levels. Arrowhead Carpet & Tile’s prices also include an eight pound premium carpet cushion.

4. Know all the signs of quality carpeting. Most carpet dealers do not rely only upon face weight to determine a good carpet. Face weight isn’t the only indicator of quality, and heavier isn’t necessarily better. Density also affects quality, which is how closely the fibers are clumped into the backing to determine weight per square yard) Density can be high (good) while face weight is low. There are also others factors, such as durability.

Accurate Measuring is Crucial

In a perfect world, every room would be the ideal square, but there are closets, baseboards and other protrusions to deal with. Have your floor professionally measured and, when you’re shopping for carpet, don’t assume all types are the same. Show the calculations to your flooring pro, so he or she can adjust accordingly.

Finally, don’t fall for those “special promotions.” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and those ultra-cheap, bargain basement prices will surely cut corners somewhere.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to come into the Arrowhead Carpet & Tile showroom in Glendale, AZ, so our pros tell, and show, you more.