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Need Immediate Installation For a Renovation?

At our Glendale, AZ showroom, Arrowhead Carpet & Tile has a hundred rolls of carpet in stock, ready for immediate installation. With incredible prices starting as low as $1.99 per sq. ft., it's no wonder we're the go-to carpet dealers in Phoenix! While some customers come into our showroom knowing precisely what they want, others may be wondering about which type of soft surfacing would best suit their home redesign. So, if you're totally lost when it comes to Saxony and Plush, or SmartStrand or Triexta, you'll want to read through this guide about some of the most popular fiber choices on the market.

Ultra-durable and capable of withstanding a lot of wear-and-tear, Nylon fibers are excellent for rooms that see a significant amount of foot traffic. What's really great about this material is the fact that it doesn't readily absorb spills or stains. It's no surprise why parents and pet owners love it so much! Aside from also being fade-resistant, a variety of cut styles and color options, provide countless design variations for homeowners. 

The ever-popular SmartStrand has lately become a must-have material, because of its softness, stain resistance, durability, and eco-friendliness. Made of PTT polymer fiber, it boasts a wide selection of designs, from loop patterns and geometric cuts to deep, luxurious styles. What's more, you won't be complaining of shades and tones, its color selection is veritably endless! 

Similar in appearance to nylon, Triexta has more of a matte finish. Instead of using a spot cleaner, you'll often be amazed as to how a simple wet cloth can get rid of spills, as this surfacing is naturally very stain resistant. How's that even possible, you may wonder? Triexta's high level of stain resistance is mainly due to its hydrophobic fibers which do not absorb moisture. With patterns and designs aplenty, you'll be hard-pressed to select your favorite!

Inherently stain-resistant, Polyester is both incredibly soft and unbelievably affordable, the perfect alternative for a budget-friendly home makeover. Worried about not finding an eye-catching soft surfacing that won't break the bank? Don't worry, with Polyester's durability, cozy feel, and cost-effective price tag, you just can't go wrong!