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Carpet Dealers Should Do More Than Sell

When you really think it through, flooring is going to be the most expensive investment you’ll ever make in your Phoenix home, so you want to get it right from the start, and carpet dealers need to offer things like free in-house measurement, professional installation or design consultations, because these are the very places people can go wrong.

Besides, who wants to travel all over town to get different things, when you can get it all in one place?

So to break it down:

Professional Installation
When you consider budget for your flooring, don’t just factor in the initial cost of the material, but also the installation. That’s actually one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of your new flooring.

While it can be tempting to try to save money by doing-it-yourself, don’t. Carpet dealers know that any professional installer, whether in Phoenix or any other city or region, can do the job faster and more efficiently.

They’ll examine both the surface and sub-floors to make sure they are prepared. Soft surfaces can be especially tricky, so you don’t want to end up with bumps, rolls, wrinkles, loose edges or even worse (if possible), material that juts up against the wall because it wasn’t cut, sized and installed properly.

Design Consultations: Setting the Tone of Your Personal Style
A room isn’t just a separate entity, and especially with today's open floor plans one room “transitions” to the next. So even though it might feature a different color, or pattern, there needs to be a cohesive style.

Also, what a lot of people don’t realize, but carpet dealers should know, is that a house doesn’t have to have only one carpet throughout; in fact, some rugs are better suited for some rooms than others; for example, you want something soft and plushy for the bedroom, but that same long fiber would cause nightmares in the home office, where there’s heavy furniture and rolling chairs.

Measuring--and a big Rookie Mistake
Anywhere, but especially in a place like Phoenix, where there are a lot of odd-shaped rooms, transitional spaces and outdoor areas that jut into indoor ones, you need to have a room professionally measured. They aren’t perfect squares; plus the type of fiber and design could make a big difference as to how much square footage of material you need.

Come into the Glendale, AZ showroom at Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, we’re just outside of Phoenix, and we’ll show you what carpet dealers should be like.