Arrowhead Carpet & Tile provides carpet of various piles

Carpet flooring is manufactured by using a technique somewhat like sewing on a button. Loops are created that are either left intact or cut at different angles. The way a loop is finished creates the pile of the carpet. Arrowhead Carpet & Tile has carpet available in the following types of pile. These descriptions will help customers choose a carpet that is appropriate for its placement.

Uncut carpet pile

Most people refer to uncut carpet pile as Berber or loop pile. The entire loop is left intact on this type of carpet surface. Uncut carpet pile is highly durable, cleans easily, and resists stains. It is a perfect carpet for commercial applications and high-traffic areas. Vacuum marks and footprints do not show indentations on uncut carpet pile. The biggest drawback to the uncut pile is that it has less padding and softness compared to cut pile carpet. The loops may be hazardous to small children and pets because of a snagging potential.

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Cut pile carpet

Cut pile carpet is also easy to clean. It has a pleasant, soft look. Changing the shearing angle used to slice the loops or using different treatments on carpet fiber before or after the threads are inserted, creates different styles. The rigid nature of the fibers makes vacuum and footprint trails easier to see. Wear and tear is more obvious. Cut pile carpet has to be replaced more frequently than uncut pile when placed in heavy traffic areas.

Saxony cut carpet pile

The most iconic pile in carpet is the Saxony cut pile. Straight up and down strands create a surface that is plush and fuzzy. Vacuums and feet tend to crush this type of pile and leave impressions on the surface. Saxony cut pile is susceptible to stains and wear and tear. This type of carpet should be used only in low traffic areas.
Luxury carpet in Glendale, AZ from Arrowhead Carpet & Tile

Textured cut carpet pile

This style does not show marks like footprints as easily as carpets with Saxony cut pile. It is often referred to as ‘trackless.’ The texture is accomplished by twisting individual yarns into spirals and setting them with steam heat. Light is not as easily reflected from spiral strands as straight ones. Strands of textured carpet, crushed by heavy objects, are not as noticeable as Saxony pile. Mid and high-traffic areas are suitable for textured cut carpet pile. Arrowhead Carpet & Tile provides these and other carpet piles. Clients from Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, Surprise, Sun City (Sun City West), and Litchfield visit the Glendale, AZ showroom to choose a carpet that suits their needs.