carpet tile installation

Carpet tile flooring – three reasons why you need it!

As the name implies, carpet tiles are squares of soft surfacing that fit snugly together to create a large floor covering. Ranging from small (about 12 x 12″) to big (about 24 x 24″), this flooring option is incredibly simple to install and usually requires no special tools. Since these sections of soft surfacing are significantly smaller than giant rolls of carpeting, they’re also easier to transport.
If you’re curious about this alternative to soft surfacing, then you may want to read on and learn about the top 3 reasons why you many want to install it in your home or office. At Arrowhead Carpet & Tile, our Glendale, AZ showroom carry a wide assortment of carpet tile flooring. Maybe we’ll see you soon once you read our article!
#1—Easy upkeep and quick to replace
With this soft surfacing alternative, you won’t have to spend much time maintaining it, as it’s relatively straightforward to clean. As most options are manufactured with protective agents and stain repellents in the fibers, you also won’t have to worry too much about discoloration and staining. However, should a stain or damage occur, you can simply remove the square(s) and add replacements, so make sure to keep some extra squares just in case!
#2—Durable and built tough
Typically, carpet tiles are designed to be low pile, with very tight looping. As such, the design holds up very well to busy households and heavy foot traffic. So, if you have a lot of action going on at your house because of kids running around, or pets scurrying about, these squares are a veritable godsend.
#3—Unique designs, fun colors
One of the main reasons why people love soft tiles so much is due to its eye-catching appearance and versatile color options. When we use the term “a rainbow of colors,” we’re really not kidding! If you’re looking for a bit more flair in the pattern or design department, then look no further than the many choices you’ll get with carpet tile flooring.